Cross Stitch Pattern Baby Slippers – Baby Shoes Hmong

Sustainable handwork is what we stand for at Metiisto Fashion. These baby shoes Hmong are made from cotton with a cross-stitch pattern design. Reflecting Nepalese influences at times, the stitched pattern is of either Hmong or Karen descent, with Burmese style influences due to the craftsmen involved in the production.

Every ethnicity contributes to the uniqueness of these baby shoes. All of them incorporate some of their traditional patterns and love for lively colors. Closed with a single button and lace loop closure and either a fabric or rubber sole, these baby slippers are comfortable to fit.

In case you are concerned about the little bells, you can snip them off with a pair of scissors. It won’t disturb the natural beauty of this product.

While these baby shoes are a rather new addition to the market, they find their roots in the thriving cotton industry in Northern Thailand, which has been going for centuries.

The co-op involved in their production makes sure that a fair share of the profit goes to their laborers. In this way, they create opportunities for people often overlooked in the job market due to a lack of educational opportunities in their young years.

Size Matters!

The size of a baby’s foot can vary based on birth weight and individual growth rate. Please consider this when purchasing.

Size EU Size TH Outer Size in CM Age Indication
17-18½ 0 10-11,50 0-3 months
18½ -20½ 1 11,50-13 3-8 months
20½ -22 2 12,50-14 8-15 months
22-23½ 3 13,50-15 15-20 months
23½ -25 4 14,50-16 20-25 months
25-27 5 15,50-17 25-30 months

Our size chart comes from personal experience and measurements of our actual products, combined with research on and comparison to several standard chart sizes.

Small variations per product may occur, as this is a handmade artisanal product. In general, it’s a good idea to buy one size up from what you think is needed. This way, your little darling can enjoy these cute baby shoes for a more extended period.

An “overload of cuteness” is the first reaction we often get from our audience upon seeing these baby shoes. Let the bright colors and lively patterns enchant you! Could you think of a better gift for a newborn and their loving parents? We sure can’t!