Bracelets and Pendants – Burmese Jade Jewelry

A treasure trove, that’s what it feels like when you first walk into a jade factory. Displays range from mythical dragons and lion ornaments to Buddhist imagery. Also, other Burmese Jade Jewelry and magnificent mountain sceneries are available.

Jade bracelets in a variety of 50 shades of green.
Metiisto Jade Bracelets

Jade is expensive, with many colors and grades catching top dollar on the world market. It comes in 2 varieties, nephrite, and jadeite. The latter is the most desirable and rarest of all. Both are used in similar ways, though jadeite is the choice material for more exquisite jewelry. You can witness the production of rings, bracelets, and pendants.

The most prominent exporter of jadeite is Myanmar, with smaller markets in South America and the US. Want to find out more about jade?

As we said, many colors of jade exist, though green color remains the most popular. But, shades of white, yellow, greyish blue and lavender, orange, red and rust to a golden brown are also available. During the formation of jade in the earth, it’s chemical processes that determine the color. Chromium is the element responsible for green, with a bright apple color the most sought-after!

Many coloured jade bracelets can be found in the Metiisto collection
Metiisto Jade Bracelets

Stay Cool with Khun Yod

Jade has naturally cooling properties. The refreshing touch of real jade is a surprising sensation to any newbie jade aficionado. This characteristic is also useful guidance when distinguishing genuine jade from possible fakes.

Khun Yod regularly visits the jade factories in her homeland. She saw an opportunity here to make jade items more affordable. When crafting jade imagery, many smaller off-cuts are of excellent quality. However, they’re too small to cut into figurines. She asked the craftsmen to carve some beads for her. Her source, you ask? A few hand-selected pieces of rubble from underneath their benches.

Turning these into bracelets, they quickly became a success. Khun Yod’s jewelry collection now also includes other jewelry items; soon to enrich our existing collection.

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