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Were you looking for Metiisto Fashion contact information? You came to the right place! Do you have a question about a specific product? Would you like some more detailed information, or did something go wrong during shipping?

Our team at Metiisto Fashion is ever ready to help you out. Kindly fill out the Metiisto Fashion contact form down below, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Congratulations on your initiative in helping out local artisans. To show my appreciation, I’m adding a donation to the price of my purchased silver necklace.

I have the fullest confidence in what you’re doing, and I applaud your initiative.


Translated from his native Dutch

Nancy Allewerelt – Artisan Goldsmith


Nancy Allewerelt is the inspiring force behind Metiisto Fashion. As a recognized artisan goldsmith, she understands better than anyone what combining artistry and being an entrepreneur is all about. This means she’s ideally placed to help small artisans find their place in the global handmade fashion items market.

Why Metiisto Fashion

This question is more complicated to answer than you would think. The simplest answer we can come up with is that we personally believe in the positive transformation of the fashion industry. For decennia, the big fashion houses have decided which attire fills your closets. Not only does this negate your personal sense of esthetics, their business practices often result in unfair treatment of their makers.

Metiisto Fashion would like to see this change, and we think you would too! You can read all about our mission in our blog article Why Metiisto Fashion – We Love Handmade Fashion Accessories.

Do you still have questions after this, or would you like to get more involved with our projects? Simply fill out the Metiisto Fashion Contact Form, and we’ll get in touch!


Metiisto Fashion Contact Information

Eikendreef 6

Lochristi 9080

Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

+32 485 69 04 39

BE 0830.520.829