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Where does the word Metiisto come from?

When finding inspiration as to the new name for our online shop, we wanted to come up with something that could be understood by all, yet was unique and remained mysterious. There is only one language in the world that had its heart set on being understood by all, in an attempt to unify humanity. In the Esperanto language Metiisto stands for craftsman; I honestly feel we couldn’t have come up with a better name, as that is what we are all about. We hope this answer on our FAQ Information Page answered your question.

What is your Estimated Time of Delivery?

This strongly depends on your location and preferred shipping method. Different rates and delivery times apply for different courier services. This being said, we hold to shipping all products ordered and paid for within 48 hours. You will receive an automated quote at check-out, based on your products and shipment options selected.

Is it safe to pay online and is my personal data secure?

Our website is supported by the most up to date security software and support network, to ensure that your personal data and online payments remain private and secure. We are also in compliance with all legislations related to the usage, storage and gathering of personal data.

Do you offer any warranty or return policy on your products?

Only damages occurred during shipping will be covered and considered liable for compensation. In order for you to claim warranty, you need to send us several pictures of the damaged goods in email. This should include pictures of the damaged box, still unopened; and pictures of the damaged goods inside the box.  You can contact us through one of the options on our website contact form.

We do not accept returns or accept liability in any way for wear and tear on any products, or any other form of damages sustained due to misuse or mistreatment thereof. All delicate products and fabrics come shipped with detailed washing, handling, cleaning, and care instructions.

Once we have investigated the matter and established that a return is applicable, a refund voucher will be issued for the value of the damaged product, excluding any shipment costs. We do not offer any cash refunds.

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes we do. If you are interested in purchasing several items or in becoming one of our registered distributors, feel free to contact us through the website. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss pricing and to arrange a product presentation when needed.

Size Chart Baby Slippers?

Baby shoe sizes can be tricky to decide on. So we’ve done some research and compared our product measurements to several international standard size charts, resulting in the following size table for your convenience.

When purchasing baby shoes, it is always a good idea to buy them one size up, so they can enjoy them for a longer period of time.

Size EU

Size TH/US

Outer Size in cm

Age Indication



11,50 – 13

0-12 months



12,50 – 14

12-18 months



13,50 – 15

18-24 months



14,50 – 16

24-30 months



15,50 – 17

30-36 months


The little metal bells on the shoes can easily be snipped off with a pair of scissors, should they be of concern to you, without damaging the product whatsoever.

You are buying handmade products from artisans all over the world. Verify yourself that each item is compliant to your local Health and Safety regulations, especially for children’s wear.


How can I wash my silk scarf?

Handwash only at a water temperature of 30 Celsius.

Use a small amount of soft laundry soap, preferably organic, or specifically sold to be used for silk.

1/3rd of the indicated dose of regular detergent is sufficient. Specialty silk laundry soap can be used at the indicated dose.

Get a tub of water ready, with the detergent dissolved, and then place the silk fabric in the tub.

Gently massage and squeeze with your fingers for approximately 2-3 minutes. Let the fabric sit and soak for 5 minutes, and then repeat the gentle massaging once more for 1-2 minutes.

Lift the silk out of the tub and gently squeeze out most of the water.

DO NOT wring, this will damage the texture.

NEVER wash 2 pieces of silk fabric at the same time, as to prevent damage.


How can I dry my silk scarf?

There are two preferential ways of drying, I will detail both below

Method 1 –  Air dry

Just hang the silk over a hanger, bamboo stick or any other inert material and let it air dry in your home.

DO NOT sundry, DO NOT expose to strong winds, KEEP AWAY from the radiator or any other heat source.

Method 2 – Towel dry

Place the silk fabric between two clean and white colored bath towels and let dry there, either flat or rolled up.

DO NOT place the towels on or near a heat source while drying.

I prefer the air drying method, as it doesn’t carry the risk of staining your towels with first wash silk or staining your white silk with colored towels or invisible grease stains.

DO NOT let silk dry to a crisp; retaining moisture will help significantly in the ironing process.

How can I iron my silk scarf?

Check your iron’s bottom plate for residue buildup, which might rub off on your cotton pressure cloth, or worse, on your silk… If there is any, please clean residue on your iron first with vinegar and baking soda or your preferred product of choice.

On the lowest heat setting of your steam iron, with the steam function on full blast and 2 clear color, cotton pressure cloths at hand, you should have no problems ironing silk.

Place your still slightly moist silk between the 2 cotton pressure cloths and place your clean iron on top. With constant but gentle movement iron the square of silk you have covered.  Check regularly to see the result, different thicknesses, and textures of silk require different ironing times. Once you’re happy with the result, repeat the process on the next square of silk, slowly making your way down the entire length of fabric.

DO NOT allow the iron to stand in one particular spot to remove a crease or wrinkle, this might damage your silk fabric, equal heat distribution is important here.

Once all of it is ironed, let it air dry a bit further before folding and storing… Or you could wear it immediately… I know it’s hard to resist!


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