Floral Tote Bags from Chiang Mai

floral tote bags

Flowers and Bags: Versatile Floral Tote Bags

How do you improve on an item as ubiquitous as the tote bag? Simply, by adding functionality, design, and a heart. Personally, our collection of cotton floral tote bags fills Metiisto Fashion with joy!

You can find our entire collection of versatile tote bags and related items in our online shop, under carry bags. Go check them out right now! There are several sizes, models, and prints available, all made from handwoven cotton!

“I find them to be exceedingly convenient. I always have one with me to put extra shopping items in.

They are very strong and spacious.”


Sustainable Shoulder Bags

One of the first contacts we made in Thailand was Ms. Sukanya. This amazing lady runs the handwoven silk and cotton factory producing our handmade carry bags. It wasn’t long before we became friends. She has her heart in the right place, with warmth for the artisan craft and community under her guidance.

When local villagers approached her to sell their colorful print cotton fabrics, she immediately agreed. Starting a small co-op, letting them use her facilities, sales network, and marketing skills, she floated some ideas by them.

Her suggestion to turn these into tote bags resonated strongly with the village members.

So, our floral tote bags were born.

Multifunctional Design Is Key – Versatile Tote Bags

The double print motif turns these handmade fashion accessories into multifunctional tote bags. Flip them inside out and another design magically appears. You get two bags in one! So, feel free to adjust the design to your mood, match your clothing, and create your own style. Are you looking for some inspiration? Here’s a good read for you on How to wear a tote bag!

These floral shoulder bags are made from block print fabric, with motifs unique to these small countryside weavers. The trademark tote strap handle is sturdy yet comfortable, allowing you to pack quite a bit of weight into these handy cotton totes.

But, not only are they practical and multifunctional, you’ll also look fashionable while carrying one around with you. The bright floral prints will make sure you stand out wherever you go. On top of it all, they are easily washable, colorfast, and foldable.

Floral Shoulder Bags – Use Them Well!


While our flowers and bags collection of versatile carry bags contain the ideal handmade fashion accessories for summer, you’ll find a use for these all year round.

For example, you can take one for some city shopping or on a trip to the beach. How about storing some supplies in them for a long forest walk? Or choose one for a picnic in the park with family and friends?  

They’re also ideally suited to wrap those two bottles of wine you’re bringing to your friend’s barbecue party. As you can see, the options are endless. So, our floral tote bags are the ideal vessel for all your needs.