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Carry Bags

Whether you call these handy beauties carry bags, shoulder bags, or tote bags doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that our handmade cotton carrier bags are super handy.

Our collection of cotton carry bags features floral patterns, patchwork, and natural indigo dye motifs. All of our products are handmade fashion accessories for you to enjoy without guilt.

The original tote bag was invented around the 1940s by LL Bean in the US. To create a bag that was agile yet strong, they came up with their first design, destined to hold wood and ice.

As with so many success stories in fashion, once a designer discovers a utility product, they love to give their own spin to it. From there on out, the creative emergence of new designs was just a matter of time. Fused carrier straps, elongated bodies, different fabric choices, you name it, they made it.