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Clutches and Wallets

Clutches and wallets are convenient in most situations. Are you going somewhere quickly? Do you need quick access to some coins or other small essentials? Then a handmade clutch or wallet is the perfect solution for you.

Torboon is one of the top producers of handmade cotton wallets in Thailand. Combine high-quality leather with handwoven cotton fabrics and you get a gorgeous wallet.

Metiisto Fashion’s cotton clutches find inspiration with Karen, Lanna, and Hmong ethnic motifs. The batik patterns on indigo natural dye embody pure elegance. Hence, they are one of our regularly supplied products.

Whether you chose batik indigo cotton etuis, ethnic clutches, or Torboon wallets, any of these will meet your needs. So, don’t hesitate to check out our other collections.

Our artisan collection of handmade cotton clutches and wallets comprises wallets by Torboon and several ethnic clutches in indigo or bright patterned motifs.