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Artisan Paper Wares

Our collection of artisan paper wares comprises handmade and block print postcards, diaries, and bookmarks.

Diaries of handmade paper and fabric contain untold stories. Whether they hold your deepest thoughts, find use as the base of your autobiography or convey secret messages to your loved ones, everyone should have one.

Our postcards inspire peace and serenity in anyone who receives them because of their mythological designs. There’s nothing quite like an artisan card accompanying a gift for that personal touch.

Do you enjoy reading? Some books are so captivating you lose track of time. Hence, combining reading with daily activities can be somewhat of a struggle, especially if you’re trying to keep up with a storyline.

Our handmade bookmarks allow you to pick up right where you left off! All of them feature gorgeous prints by renowned Thai artist Khun Amorn.

All beautiful designs on our artisan paper wares increase reading, writing, and gifting pleasure to the max.