Artisan Bamboo Handbag with Wooden Handle


Elegance in Modern Design – Handmade Artisan Bamboo Handbag

Intricately handwoven from bamboo strips, this tapered handmade artisan bamboo handbag with wooden handle, cotton lining, and top zipper measures 45x35x25 cm.

Khun Umpai is the upcycling powerhouse behind an array of our accessories. From coconut shell jewelry over clothing to these bamboo bags, she does it all! In her inimitable style, she creates products that evoke a sense of Thailand in days-gone-by.

Let the Thai charm of these artisan handbags overwhelm your senses. Inspired by traditional Thai basketry, they are the perfect combination of elegance, durability, and flexibility.

Historical Fashion Accessory!

The Thai word “khao saan” translates to rice basket. Many people in South East Asia fondly remember seeing this item in their mother’s kitchen.

Though the inspiration for this artisan bamboo purse comes from a distant past, its features have transcended time. With its uniquely elongated shape and handwoven body made from bamboo strips, this purse emanates a sense of elegance.

Functional design lies at the core of every good artisan’s abilities. Moving flawlessly between historical aspects and contemporary design is a tough challenge for even the best. Yet, Mrs. Umpai smoothly marries old traditions with newer techniques, giving birth to this elegant bamboo handbag.

Invest in a Greener Environment!

Ecological awareness currently sweeps our planet, with the drive to eradicate single-use plastics and disposable packaging never stronger. Bamboo can play a significant role in this.

You too hold some power in your hands to change our planet’s future, for the simple reason that sales are consumer-driven. If more people concisely choose to purchase ecologically friendly goods from sustainable sources, more shops will start carrying these products.

Take back your power! Join the movement and purchase this upcycled artisan bamboo handbag. Don’t just buy what they try to sell you, make them sell the products you’re interested in buying!

Bamboo Specifics

Bamboo is the strongman of the plant world, with a seemingly unmatched tensile strength. Even the finest of bamboo shaving retains its durability. These strips can then be woven, lending their natural strength and flexibility to our artisan bamboo handbag.

Bamboo rightfully earns its place as one of the top alternative materials, both reusable and recyclable. The tenacity of this fibrous material means many industries now favor it over traditional alternatives. Its ease of growth and low production costs are undoubtedly contributing factors to bamboo’s success. With possible uses in the hospitality, arts, and construction sector, it’s no wonder this panda grass is so popular!

On top of this, bamboo also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it ideally suited for daily use products. From kitchen utensils, over cups and placemats to even toothbrushes, and of course, this artisan bamboo clutch. We’ve also got more artisan bamboo bags from another artisan producer.

Fun Fact! Did you know that bamboo shoots are edible? Daily consumption in curries, soups, and salads is typical all across South East Asia. Perhaps you could have a look at your exotic grocers or track down some canned ones? Being creative and experimenting with food never hurt anyone!

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