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Authentic Jade Stretch Bracelet: Large Jade Beads Bracelet

Timeless jewelry defines beauty, elegance, and style! This Large Jade Beads Bracelet is specially handmade for you in Thailand by our artisan friend Khun Yod. With colors ranging from light to darker moss green, variable inclusions enhance their beauty. All the beads measure 10 to 12 mm and are laced onto a durable elastic cord with spacers. Therefore, our Green Jade Stretch Bracelet will fit everyone perfectly!

Would you like to keep cool in summer with a touch of natural mineral class? The refreshing feel of real jade is a surprising sensation to most people. Where other precious stones readily absorb heat, jade will help to keep you cool. This characteristic is also useful when distinguishing the real deal from possible fakes.

It feels as if you’re entering a treasure trove when first walking into a jade factory. Displays range from mythical dragons and lion ornaments, over Buddhist imagery, to gorgeous precious stone jewelry items. Many jade colors exist, though green is the most traditional, sought after, and expensive variety. Wear your precious stone beads bracelet to work, a fancy party, or at the beach. We’re regularly running out of these, so be sure to get yours now!

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Jade Characteristics and History

Khun Yod regularly visits the jade factories in her homeland. There, she quickly saw an opportunity to make jade beads bracelets more affordable. Let us explain. When crafting jade imagery, many smaller off-cuts are of excellent quality. However, these are too small to be shaped into figurines. On a whim, she asked the craftsmen to carve some beads from a few selected pieces. Before she knew it, a new trend was born, and her collection quickly expanded into earrings and ornamental pendant necklaces.

There are two different types of jade available on the world market, jadeite and nephrite. While both can look very similar, they are vastly different in chemical makeup. Jadeite is now more commonly used and comes in a wider variety of colors than nephrite. It’s also the variety you’ll find with our Jade Beads Bracelets. For more information, we urge you to read our article on Burmese Jade Jewelry – Green Gold from Myanmar.

Did you know that jade has a spiritual meaning as well? It symbolizes heart health and purity. Yet another reason to add this Large Jade Beads Bracelet to your wardrobe. But, whatever the significance, using jade always results in timeless jewelry pieces with a history reaching back well over 2000 years. Here’s a lovely infographic on the history of jade.

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