Square Precious Stone Beads Bracelet


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Authentic Mineral Beads Stretch Bracelet: Square Precious Stone Beads Bracelet

Timeless jewelry defines beauty, elegance, and style! This Square Precious Stone Beads Bracelet is specially handmade for you in Thailand by our artisan friend Khun Yod. With colors ranging from white over yellow and green to darker tones of rust-brown and red. All the square beads measure approximately 10 mm and are laced onto a durable elastic cord with round spacers. Therefore, our Precious Stone Stretch Bracelet will fit everyone perfectly!

Would you like to add some color to your outfit with a touch of natural mineral class? Then this precious stone bracelet is the perfect accessory for you! Agate, quartz, jade, and other minerals are manually turned into beads, displaying a rainbow of colors. Let the natural coolness of these materials surprise and enchant you! Wear your mineral beads bracelet to work, a fancy party, or at the beach. Metiisto Fashion is regularly running out of these, so be sure to get yours now!

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Precious Stones – History and Purpose!

Khun Yod regularly visits the stone carvers in her homeland. There, she saw many off-cuts of excellent quality lying under the workbenches. However, these are too small to be shaped into figurines. On a whim, she asked the craftsmen to carve some beads from a few selected pieces. Before she knew it, a new trend was born, and her collection of mineral stretch bracelets quickly expanded into earrings and ornamental pendant necklaces. Jade is perhaps the most famous stone originating from these mines. Read more about Burmese Jade Jewelry – Green Gold from Myanmar right here!!

Artisans craft this Square Precious Stone Beads Bracelet from several types of minerals. Both agate and quartz are used, as well as jade, among others. Were you aware that several stones have different meanings? People love to attribute specific health-giving properties to particular minerals. Quartz and agate, for example, are said to have a calming and balancing influence. Jade, on the other hand, symbolizes heart health and purity. So, there are plenty of reasons to add this Mineral Beads Bracelet to your wardrobe. Regardless of their supposed powers, using natural stone always creates timeless jewelry pieces, with ancient history often dating back centuries. Here’s a lovely article on the allure of gems and jewelry throughout time.

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