Bangle Hardwood Natural Padauk


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Hand-carved Wooden Bangle Chiang Mai

Wooden bangles and bracelets have been in trend for as long as we can remember.

Made from durable, tropical hardwoods, these aren’t just fashionable and pretty. But they’re also strong and weather resistant.

Coconut, mango, teak, tamarind… these are just a few of the types of hardwood used. Rest assured that you’ll find the right color and style to suit your mood.

Measuring approximately 6 to 7 cm in diameter, this bangle fits most wrists. Don’t let their svelte appearance fool you into thinking you’ll never be able to put one on or take it off again!

They’re easy in maintenance, a simple polishing with beeswax or a drop of oil will bring out the luster time and again. This bracelet was treated with a dark but transparent varnish.

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D6.0 cm, D6.1 cm, D6.2 cm, D6.3 cm, D6.4 cm, D6.5 cm, D6.6 cm, D6.7 cm, D6.8 cm, D6.9 cm, D7.0 cm, D7.1 cm, D 7.2 cm