Earrings Freshwater Pearls White


Double Use Earrings Freshwater Pearl White with Rhodinated Silver Setting

Let the eternal beauty of pearls enchant you! These earrings freshwater pearls white color are stunning! Several materials are always going in and out of trend.  Yet, no resource has withstood the test of time like pearls. Their subdued luster shines through the ages, adorning crowns of queens.

The fun part about these earrings is their double use. As you can see in the picture, the more extended setting is removable. So, you can wear them as a stud, or with both parts, for that extra fancy look.

Freshwater pearls come from farms practicing ecologically sustainable growing methods. They grow in the Hyriopsis cumingi freshwater mussel. White and pastel colors are available within our collection. Almost all of the production takes place in China.

Measuring respectively 7.5 and 10.5 mm in diameter, they are button-shaped. The flat side offers a unique dimension to the pearl. Due to this shape, they sit flush against the skin.

Since this is a natural product, small differences in the shade of color and size may occur.

These earrings set in rhodinated silver have a gorgeous shine to them, which means an application of a thin layer of rhodium is present on the silver surface. Rhodium is a metal in the platinum group. This rhodinated finish results in a few remarkable advantages. Firstly, silver won’t oxidize and turn black when this treatment is applied. Secondly, it prevents allergic reactions that some people may have to silver. And thirdly, the rhodinated finish gives an extra sheen to the metal.

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