Freshwater Pearl Earrings with Silver


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2 in 1 Freshwater Pearl Earrings set in Rhodinated Silver

The pearls on these freshwater pearl earrings with silver are 7.5 and 10.5 mm in diameter and come in 4 colors. Both the pearls and the silver setting are naturally treated to improve their durability and sheen.

These earrings are set in rhodinated silver and, therefore, low-maintenance, also preventing the risk of allergic reactions. Coating silver with rhodium prevents oxidation and blackening of your jewelry. The pearls have been naturally treated for optimal luster and durability, reducing the risk of scratches or damage. With all this in mind, you can rest assured these earrings will be with you for a very long time.

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Elegance and Style

No other fashion accessory can withstand the test of time like pearls. Their subtle luster shines through the ages, adorning even the crowns of regents. Would you like to know some more about the history of pearls? Take a look at this article.

With timeless design, these pearl silver earrings can be worn by anyone of any age, anywhere, at any time. They are double use, with a removable center part. Show them off as a simple stud, or choose to add the double pearl for a bit of extra chic. You’re getting two pairs of earrings in 1!

The pearls are grown into a rounded button shape. This design ensures they sit flush against the earlobe, making these earrings look extra graceful.

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All About Pearls

Nowadays, both marine and freshwater pearls are commonly grown in aquatic farms to reduce cost and increase productivity. This practice has the added benefit of minimizing any negative effects on the ecological systems when harvested from the wild. All the freshwater pearls used in our pearl and silver earrings come from ecologically sustainable farms.

To make a pearl grow in an oyster, the farmer inserts a grain of sand or a small nacre inclusion. While this original method is still practiced today, more and more growers opt to insert a pearl-shaped bead into the mollusk’s flesh. As they use an already shaped sphere, this severely speeds up the process.

This more modern method allows farmers to produce pearls in all shapes and sizes, readily available for the international market. Custom orders, such as the button-shaped ones used with our freshwater pearl earrings, are also possible. Do you want to know more about pearl farming? Take a look at this video.

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Let the eternal beauty of pearls enchant you! Since this is a natural product, small differences per item may occur, as a part of their artisan charm.

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