Tribal Silver Earrings from Lanna


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Lanna Silver Jewelry – Tribal Silver Earrings

Our tribal silver earrings are produced by some of the most experienced silversmiths in the trade. With varying total lengths of 2 to 9 cm, these will match any outfit perfectly. For individual model measurements, please check the pictures.

With roots deeply embedded in the Hmong and Karen silversmith traditions, this ancient craftsmanship – now combined with modern creativity and technical abilities – has led to an ever-increasing array of designs. From floral over geometrical and tribal, both short and long, there’s a design of artisan silver earrings available for everyone.

Khun Suwit and his next of kin uphold a proud silversmith tradition, with an ever firm hand on the production protocols, to ensure quality and traditional artisan techniques are respected and supported. Let the natural patina of these Lanna silver earrings make your night out even more enchanting.

Silver – Applications and Origin

Silver is found nearly worldwide, but the major producers are located in South America and Mexico. This ore is mined together with other useful metals such as copper and lead. They occur naturally in the same spot, after which the miners chemically separate the metals.

This precious metal has applications in many industries next to artisan silver jewelry production, from medical wound dressings to electronics and photography.

We all know the quality label Sterling 925, which stands for a minimum guaranteed percentage of silver content in your artisan silver earrings. But silver alloys can vary in their precious metal content, from a few percentiles up to solid silver. Because of its natural characteristics, sterling silver is by far the most commonly used. All our Thai silver earrings are guaranteed sterling silver or higher, ranging from 92.5 to 98% pure silver content.

Would you like to know more about the history of silver? Have a look at this article.

The Wualai Silver Merchants

Wualai Silversmith Village, aka Ban Sri Suphan, is home to the world-famous silver temple. Here, artisan smiths produce artisan silver wares of excellent quality, with unique designs characteristic to the Lanna region.

Before 1957, most of the villagers on Wualai Street were full-time farmers. Their occupation as silversmiths was, at first, a mere secondary activity. Almost every house had a small blacksmith shop on the premises, which was fired up in the evenings or on special occasions. They mainly produced table- and temple wares.

Over time, a few families upheld these traditions and turned them into a full-time artisan profession. Wualai silver production now also includes accessories, decorative elements, architectural ornaments, personal care items, and of course our Tribal Silver Earrings.

If you’re looking for a matching pendant or bracelet, we’ve got you covered! The combination of precious stones and silver is also exquisite, as you can see from these cute cabochon silver pendants.

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