Handbag Water Hyacinth Round


Handbag Water Hyacinth Round: Water plant turned into art

This round model water hyacinth handbag is gorgeous. Eichhornia is commonly known as water hyacinth. The common water hyacinth is a pest plant in most of the tropical region, suffocating waterways around the globe. So, this causes significant problems for local transport, harming the local flora and fauna.

You might have seen the water hyacinth or Eichhornia in your local gardening center. As a floating water plant, they have become popular in the last decade in our moderate climate zone as an ornamental for the summer pond. While this plant is invasive in most tropical regions, in our climate, it stands no chance of surviving the cold winters.

These water hyacinth bags are the current trend in the sustainable fashion industry; ever innovative, but with an eye for detail, beauty, and comfort.

A few young designers felt inspired by the natural thickness, supple texture, and durable strength of the water hyacinth fiber. They set out to create new products from this material, which in Thailand mainly results in handbags and purses. We’re now also starting to see cup holders, placemats, floor mats, and even fashion accessories.

The artisan hand-weaves this purse from dried water hyacinth fibers. As a result, they are durable and easy to maintain. All bags come with a cotton lining and strap handle, making them easy to carry.

Stay in trend!

These handbags will give you that beach or city slick flair you’ve wanted to achieve all summer. The cotton lining makes for a soft yet durable interior. The body’s material, made from handwoven strands of dried water hyacinth fiber, is resilient to all weather conditions. After applying a clear-coated varnish, these products become water-resistant, giving them an irresistible natural sheen.

Try one out, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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