Artisan Bamboo Handbag with Wooden Handle

This handwoven artisan bamboo handbag is durable yet elegant, measuring 45 cm high x 35 cm wide x 25 cm diameter at the bottom.

Pick one of these natural material handbags to shine a green light on a brighter future while being fashion-forward!


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Elegance in Modern Design – Handmade Artisan Bamboo Handbag

Intricately handwoven from bamboo strips, this artisan bamboo handbag with wooden handles, cotton lining, and a top zipper is stunning!

Bamboo is the strongman of the plant world, with a seemingly unmatched tensile strength. That’s why even the finest bamboo shavings retain their durability. After cutting, the artisans can then weave these strips. So, they lend their natural strength and flexibility to our artisan bamboo handbag.

Let the Thai charm of these handmade bamboo purses overwhelm your senses. These bags are inspired by traditional Thai basketry.  So, they reflect a perfect balance between elegance, durability, and flexibility.

Artisan Bamboo Handbag Specs

Size: 45 cm high x 35 cm wide x 25 cm diameter at the bottom, with wooden handles

Material: Bamboo strips, wooden handles, cotton lining

Color: Natural Bamboo Brown – Varnished

Origin: Thailand

Maintenance: This artisan bamboo bag is water-resistant. Just rub the surface dry when you get home. Once a year, apply a clear-coated lacquer varnish of your choice.

Our Maker Khun Umpai

Khun Umpai is the upcycling powerhouse behind an array of our accessories. From coconut wood necklaces over clothing to these handmade bamboo bags, she does it all! In her inimitable style, she creates products that evoke a sense of Thailand in days gone by.

Functional design lies at the core of every good artisan’s abilities. Hence, moving flawlessly between historical aspects and contemporary design is a tough challenge, even for the best. Yet, Mrs. Umpai smoothly marries old traditions with newer techniques, giving birth to this elegant bamboo purse.

Invest in a Greener Future!

Ecological awareness currently sweeps our planet. Because the drive to eradicate single-use plastics and disposable packaging was never stronger. Bamboo can play a significant role in this.

So, take back your power! If more people choose ecologically friendly goods from sustainable sources, more shops will start carrying these products. Please, don’t just buy what they try to sell you; make them sell the handmade fashion accessories you’re interested in buying! Like this bamboo purse, for example! Are you feeling inspired? Why not grow some bamboo in your own backyard? Follow the excellent step-by-step guide on How To Grow Bamboo by our friends at Happy DIY Home.

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