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Handbag Jute Few Wooden Beads: Donated Materials transformed to Art.

This handbag jute few wooden beads was a unique find for us.

An unassuming shop on the Saturday walking street, four cinder blocks, a wooden board, with literally seven bags for sale, and a smiling gentleman was sitting on the curb beside it all. That’s what we bumped into in August 2018.

Always intrigued to find new things and attracted by the unique look of the fabric bags on display, we went to talk to him. Perhaps the shyest person ever, but once you engage Khun Pairoj about his craft; he blooms into profuse language relating to his project.

The bags in question are produced from jute yarn, crocheted, and adorned with a small number of wooden beads and a leather strap. This shop is run by a local foundation, helping out disabled people by teaching them a craft. In doing so, they are provided with a basic income, but more importantly, a sense of achievement and community belonging.

All materials used are donated and recycled; the jute in question came from donated coffee bags. Upcycling of these resulted in this handbag. A truly amazing project, worth of your support; we can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next.

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