Round Water Hyacinth Handbag

This handwoven round water hyacinth handbag measures 30 x 10 cm in natural beige, with cotton lining and shoulder strap handle. Originally from Thailand, this unique water hyacinth purse is easy to maintain and water-resistant.


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Natural Materials Beauty: Round Water Hyacinth Handbag

This handwoven round water hyacinth handbag comes with a cotton lining, shoulder strap handle, and zipper. The key to this inspired design is the use of alternative natural materials.

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Water Hyacinth Bag Specs

Size: 30 cm diameter and 10 cm thick, shoulder strap approximately 40 cm long

Material: Water hyacinth with cotton lining

Color: Natural beige

Origin: Thailand

Maintenance: Water-resistant. Let the exterior air dry after getting wet. Spray the outside once a year with clear varnish for continued protection.

Water Hyacinth Handbags Trend!

Whether we like to admit it or not, every one of us is somewhat fashion sensitive. So, if you’re looking for a brand new vibe that’s sustainable, durable, unique, and high in quality, don’t hesitate! Pick up this round water hyacinth handbag.

These water hyacinth bags are a current trend in the sustainable fashion industry. As such, they’re innovative but with an eye for detail, beauty, and comfort. If you would like to read more about this amazing natural material, then take a look at our article on water hyacinth fiber weaving.

Environmental Concerns

Water hyacinth riddles the international press with articles on environmental concerns about this floating water plant. But, there is also value to this plant. Our artisans obviously use it to weave our water hyacinth purses, but it also knows other purposes. Please read all about it with our friends at Gaia Discovery. They wrote a still valuable article on Water Hyacinth Ecological Value.


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