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Tote Bag Patchwork Shoulder Bag: This is Upcycling from the Heart

When we met Khun Laah for the first time, we couldn’t help but feel endeared with this sweet lady. After retiring from her professional career as a nurse, she works in charity, providing hand-stitched clothes for the less fortunate in our society. The small scraps from this activity aren’t thrown away either, and she turns them into this model named tote bag patchwork.

These bags are more than just recycled material with a beautiful lining, strong fabric handles, and wood button closure. They are being upcycled into a fashionable item with personality, beauty, and most importantly, a heart.

These bags come in 3 sizes; approximate measures can be seen in the product pictures. Mixed colors or grey tones, check out our other models. We have a large patchwork shoulder bag and a long model patchwork tote too. This shoulder bag patchwork colorful is exclusively available at Metiisto Fashion.

If you would like to read some more about the history and significance of patchwork and quilting, then read all about it here, in Britannica’s informative article on Patchwork Decorative Arts.

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