Handmade Designer Wallet Davos

Measuring 10 x 12 cm, this standard folding handmade designer wallet is available in various colors.

The body is made from handwoven cotton and framed with premium leather and interior.

Ample room for cards, money, and a peek-through slot for your ID card.


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Cotton and Leather Wallet Torboon

This handmade designer wallet is simply fabulous, with its water-repellent handwoven cotton and premium leather finishes. The interior features a generous bill pocket and card slot panel, with a see-through ID card holder for your convenience. So, you never have to worry about keeping your cards and essentials organized properly.

Using woven fabrics for the body of this double folding wallet lends it a rich texture and uniquely soft feel. This handmade designer wallet is equally suited for special occasions and daily use due to the combination of functionality and style.

Davos Handmade Designer Wallet Specs

Size: Standard Double Folding Wallet 10 x 12 cm.

Material: Water repellent handwoven 100% cotton textile and genuine leather.

Color: Variable; see the individual product SKUs

Origin: Thailand

Maintenance: The cotton fabric is water repellant, which needs to be reapplied once a year. Other than that, the leather will develop a lovely patina with use. You can read more here on how to waterproof just about everything.

Our Maker Khun Boon

There’s a reason why we call this product a designer wallet. Inventing these handmade fashion accessories is our maker Khun Boon’s second career. Before all this, she was a successful designer in one of Bangkok’s most renowned fashion houses.

She felt like her work limited her creative freedom, so she decided to quit. Flying to Milan and Firenze was next. Here, she learned the basics of her authentic craft. Then, after 2 years of hard apprenticeship, she returned to Thailand. Finally, settling in the quiet provincial capital of Chiang Mai allowed her to focus on her artistry.

Handmade Designer Wallet Fashion Tips!

As always, Metiisto Fashion has a selection of assorted handmade fashion accessories to match this handmade designer wallet. Our collection of Handmade Pumps are shoes by the same producer and with similar patterns and colors. Through contrast, they are also the ideal pairing for an artisan bamboo handbag. Don’t forget to take a look at our other collection of more recreational shoes as well.

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