Wooden Jewelry Boxes Byzantine Mandala


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Wooden Jewelry Boxes Byzantine Mandala; stunning decorative symmetry

Allow us to introduce this wooden jewelry boxes Byzantine Mandala, hand-painted by craftsmen from Chiang Dao. To watch the artisan at work on this collection is mind-blowing. Painstakingly applying dots of paint in a symmetrical pattern is a work of patience. Sitting in silence for hours on end, decorating with Mandala patterns, isn’t for the faint of heart. The process is peaceful, slow-moving, and meditative.

This jewelry box measures 15 x 10 x 3 cm, with a red velvet inlay. This little treasure trove – crafted from durable mango wood – can hold your rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or even your husband’s cufflinks and tie pins. The decoration consists of consecutive shell-like patterns, almost Byzantine in nature.

An application of black paint covers the raw wood, after which the artisan starts dotting away. One drop of color at a time, the pattern emerges, a direct transfer from the creative mind to his alternative canvas. Each item is different as the design invention adjusts itself naturally to the specific dimensions of the jewelry box.

We’ve selected this hand-painted jewelry box for you from over 2000 products on display. Its natural look and stunning design immediately drew our attention. Be sure to adorn your dresser with a variety of these jewelry boxes. They always come in handy to store small valuables. No woman should go without jewelry in our modest opinion.

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Baan Tawai

Wood carving and wood ornament construction are the two cornerstones of the Baan Tawai settlement in Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand. This village is renowned worldwide for its craftsmen specialized in woodworking and related products.

At present, several techniques of applied woodwork are on display here. From carvings, marquetry, and antiques, over gold leaf applique to metal embossing, and lacquerware, all are available here. But also related crafts such as hand-woven textiles, basketry, and ceramics can be seen in this unique location.

The array of products is overwhelming, to say the least, gathering over 500 artisans into one location. This improves the commercial visibility of smaller artisans who might otherwise not stand a chance in an increasingly competitive world market.

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