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Handmade Baby Shoes – Artisan Baby Slippers Size 1

These baby slippers size 1, from Northern Thailand, are suitable for babies aged newborn up to 12 months old. Their traditional cross-stitch pattern and the decorative metal bells make these artisan baby slippers the perfect gift for any expecting or new mom. If you’re not sure about the sizes, take a quick look at our FAQ section for our custom size table. We also have other sizes available for you! You can follow these links to look at our size 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Made from cotton with synthetic soles, these handmade baby shoes are very comfortable and low in maintenance. You can easily fasten them by hooking a looped rope over a button. In case you are concerned about the little bells, these can be easily removed with a snip of your scissors, which won’t distort your product’s natural beauty.

Are you feeling inspired by all this ethnic beauty and feel like having a similar pair for yourself? That’s possible with our collection of recreation shoes in sizes 39, 40, 41, and 42.

An Inspiring Story of Origin

This ethnic baby footwear origin is an international love story due to the craftsmen involved in their production. This shows itself in a melting pot of pattern designs. At times, the designs reflect Nepalese influences, the stitched pattern work being of either Hmong or Karen descent, with Burmese influences. Every ethnicity contributes to these baby shoes’ uniqueness by incorporating some of their traditional motifs or their love for lively colors.

Cotton fiber is soft, absorbent, and breathable, making it perfectly suitable for these handmade baby slippers, as these are traditionally worn close to the skin. Thermoregulation, or proper conduction of heat, ensures transpiration won’t be an issue. Cotton is also non-allergenic, not an unimportant fact for little babies with sensitive skin!

Sustainable Trade Principles in Action

As you know, Metiisto Fashion always reinvests a share of our profits directly into the relative communities. For this very reason, many other small artisan groups enjoy working with us. We always carefully analyze their specific needs so that we can focus our aide efforts on target.

Sustainable handwork is what we stand for at Metiisto Fashion. The co-op involved in the production of this artisan baby footwear makes sure that a fair share of the profit goes to their laborers, thereby creating an opportunity for people often overlooked in the job market due to a lack of educational opportunities in their youth.

Through your purchase of these baby slippers size 1 – as always obtained through reliably durable sources – you are directly supporting the continuation of the weaving craft. You also help improve people’s living conditions and provide funds for the education of their children. Thank you for assisting Metiisto Fashion to make a difference.

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