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Black and white cards – Artisan postcard handmade paper

Wish your loved ones well in style, with this block print postcard handmade paper measuring 17×12 cm. It also comes with an artisan envelope. Our postcards will inspire peace, serenity, and feelings of being treasured with everyone. Renowned Thai artist Khun Amorn inspires this collection of vertically printed artisan postcards from Northern Thailand.

As part of our mission statement to offer small artisans support, we directly purchase these artisan cards without middlemen’s help. Whether you gift these items to someone or keep them for yourself, the warmth of their handmade paper is guaranteed to kindle your heart’s delight. And let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like a postcard accompanying a gift, for that personal touch.

Please help us support the final few true artisans. They resist the temptations of more modern ways of making paper, in doing so, preserving their traditional wisdom for the next generations. Kindly take a look at our other collections of artisan postcards and diaries as well.

Khun Amorn and Heaven

Metiisto Fashion is honored to present you with the environmentally inspired artworks of celebrated Thai artist Khun Amorn. Several traditional scenes from Thai mythology are featured on these artisan postcards, as well as the elephant, an animal considered sacred in Thailand. Immerse yourself in this world of mythological beings that feature in our products by the master’s hand. The esthetic harmony of his prints will surely captivate you.

Celebrated Thai artist Amorn Settitorn currently resides in Chiang Mai – Northern Thailand, the epicenter of ethnic arts and crafts in South East Asia. According to Amorn, the relationship between art and nature defines our human existence. The preservation of our environment and natural resources lies at the very core of his beliefs.

Finding inspiration in ethnic and tribal art forms, Amorn creates dream landscapes inhabited by Thai mythology and Buddhism. Through his block prints and silk screenings – with artisan paper and cotton fabrics – he strives to create environmental awareness.

Metiisto Fashion hopes that his work’s esthetic harmony and natural balance will rekindle your connection with nature. Please spread the word about his mission by sending someone one of these artisan paper postcards.

The Art of Paper Making

Making paper by hand is slowly disappearing from the international market and is nearly extinct in Thailand. Metiisto Fashion considers this a terrible loss for this branch of the cottage industries. People used to craft umbrellas, diaries, artisan paper postcards, boxes, and other ornamental paper artifacts for centuries. Machinery in modern papermaking currently replaces more and more of the unique know-how of this artisan industry.

However, we found a small factory that still uses the old ways, producing diaries, our postcard hand scooped paper, and other ornamental cotton and paper artworks. Made from the bark and wood of the mulberry or “Saa” tree, this paper is luxurious and thick yet easy to write on.

After being cut up into strips, the bark is pounded, resulting in a fine pulp. This wood pulp is then suspended in water evenly before being scooped up onto a screen, creating an evenly thin layer of interconnected fibers forming a single sheet of paper. It is placed upright and dried in a shaded yet windy area, after which the artisan removes the dried piece from the frame.

Artisan paper comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. The production steps vary greatly, as does the result. End products range from rough and thickly textured paper for decoration purposes to fine-grained artisan paper for writing. You can easily spot the difference in textures between the envelope and card with these black and white cards.

Take a look at this instructional video on artisan paper production by hand. This procedure may vary from the one used in Thailand, but it will give you a good idea of the general process.

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