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Soothing Mineral Energy: Agate Tealight Holder

The use of rock, minerals, and crystals is widespread in a vast array of industries. This agate tealight holder will help you relax. It measures 7.5×8.5×8.5H in centimeters and can add a soothing atmosphere to your living space. In an increasingly busy and taxing world, our lifestyles often don’t allow for proper relaxation. But, Metiisto Fashion notices a development towards a more holistic approach. To make the maximum of whatever little time we have to relax when we’re off duty.

There is scientific proof stating candles help us relax. The gentle flicker of their little flame reflecting on this mineral tealight holder will soothe your soul. They can even assist us during meditational practice. By decreasing stress and increasing self-awareness, your mood will transform.  More energy, better sleep, and increased immunity are just a few others.

We also have a selenite tealight holder in our collection; just follow the hyperlink to take a quick look.


Agate consists primarily of cryptocrystalline silica combined with microgranular quartz. Most agates occur as nodules in volcanic rocks or ancient lavas. It exists in a seemingly endless variety of colors. This stone usually has a smooth surface. Though, quartz inclusions can give them an incredible luster. As one of the most common hardstone carving materials, it is a regular find in archeological sites. This fact is proof of their long and prolific use in the ancient world. Though the use as mineral tealight holders is presumably a more recent application.

The decorative arts use agate to make ornaments. Both jewelry and fancy utensils made from this mineral, such as this agate tealight holder, are often seen. Germany was the first country to make use of this mineral on an industrial scale. In the beginning, they only used locally found agates for the European market. Around the turn of the 20th century, this became a globalized business.

This stone has a calming and balancing effect, with the power to decrease stress levels and increase your focus and potential. Thus, these mineral tealight holders are ideal to combine with the soothing effects of candlelight.


Please be careful not to leave candles and our agate tealight holders unattended at any time. Keep them away from flammable materials. Pay attention to playing children and furry pets. And, don’t forget to blow them out when you’re ready for bed.

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