Green Macrame Necklace with Adjustable Length


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Artisan Waxed Cord Jewelry – Handknotted Green Macrame Necklace

Fully adjustable to fit with any outfit, this green waxed cord pendant from Thailand is a truly stunning piece of artisan handmade jewelry. Khun Yod uses a waxed cotton cord to create these beautiful shades of green macrame. A jadeite bead at the center of a brass spiral further enhances some of these pendants’ beauty, and small brass beads finish the whole piece.

Both patterns and techniques applied with this artisan macrame jewelry show clear influences of Hmong and Shan ethnic minority groups.

By buying a piece of Metiisto Fashion’s artisan jewelry from Thailand, you will be reflecting your creative style. Furthermore, money spent on purchasing this green macrame necklace supports our skilled artisans to regularly fashion new styles and designs. This way, they can keep bringing you the latest seasonal trends.

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Swing around the corner in summer this year in true Bohemian style. Celebrate your true self with this waxed cord macrame pendant! This piece of modern ethnic Hmong jewelry from Thailand will make you the talk of the town!

Wear your handmade macrame pendant at the beach or for a girl’s night out. How about during lunch, or at a summer barbecue party with your best friends? With assorted colors to match every seasonal outfit, these stunning pieces of Thai waxed cord jewelry are guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye!

Don’t forget we have matching earrings to go with this artisan Hmong pendant, and other colors too! Please check them out!

Handmade and Innovative Design!

Kindly note that because our Thai artisan jewelry is handmade from natural materials, small differences may occur. Because of this artisan nature, each piece is unique.

All of our jewelry collection – including this hand-knotted waxed cord macrame necklace – is nickel-free. You’ll also find no plastic within our artisan jewelry from Thailand!

Our friend Yod is continually innovating her designs. Innovations such as adding ceramic beads to some pieces or attaching tassels weighted down with small brass beads. Finding new ways to decorate her already exceptional handmade jewelry is Yod’s passion.

Metiisto Fashion loves to support creativity. Hence, we pre-finance our entire order, sight unseen.

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