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Hand-carved Wooden Jewelry – Artisan Coconut Wood Necklace

This hand-carved artisan coconut wood necklace is laced onto a waxed cotton cord. With its warm tones of amber and golden brown, the natural look of this coconut jewelry has the power to soothe your soul on the coldest of winter days.

Metiisto Fashion has several models for you to choose from. The average length of our wooden necklaces ranges from 35-45 centimeters. Model 0592 has an adjustable length. The large ornament measures about 8 centimeters in diameter at its largest. More detailed information on the individual necklaces will be given in the product description.

Both the bigger ornaments and the small beads are cut by hand. All jewelry has a clear finish. Our artisan friend Khun Umpai creates products that evoke Thailand in days-gone-by. Her inimitable style will allow you to accessorize to your heart’s delight. Pick out your favorite model right here!

Meet the Maker of this Artisan Wooden Jewelry, Mrs. Umpai

Khun Umpai started her fashion brand from a small home-based workshop. Until today, she continues creating her artisan jewelry collection here, including this coconut wood necklace. Her style is very personal and unique, as is her understanding of aesthetics. She focuses on upcycling waste products, preferably only working with natural materials. You won’t find any plastic or metal with these necklaces.

Inspiration and materials for her various collections are found in the most unlikely places and range from small wood cuttings, over yarn, and leftover wax cord, to coconut shells.

Our artisan friend noticed the number of coconuts sold daily in the market, the shells of which generally end up in landfills after use. So, she came up with a clever way to upcycle this byproduct by designing this wooden jewelry.

Quality Styling – Coconut Wood Jewelry

The art of wood carving occurs across several cultures. In Northern Thailand, this artisan tradition revolves around the Baan Tawai settlement. Here, masters of the craft have gathered to expose their knowledge, creating some of the most exquisite pieces of fine wood carving you’ve ever seen!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that such a strong center of artistic prowess had a severe influence on its surrounding. Their presence inspired small wood carving shops to pop up around the region, enabling a vast array of younger artists to create freely. We cooperate with a few of them, which is reflected in a nice variety of wooden jewelry throughout our collection.

Have you ever combined wood and silver? While you would perhaps intuitively shy away from such contrasting materials, Metiisto Fashion very strongly recommends you to try it out. Please have a look at a prime example of some of our silver jewelry right here.

Something about Coconuts

Coconut shell is a very durable and lightweight material that is ideal for carving by hand or on a small lathe. This material has natural anti-fungal properties combined with a lovely sheen and warm color. That’s why Metiisto Fashion guarantees you will enjoy this coconut wood necklace for a long time.

A single coconut palm tree produces upwards of 75 fruits per year. Mature trees can grow well over 40 years. In Thailand alone, there are more than 1.7 million tons of coconuts produced each year.

Would you like to read some more about this fantastic product, then check out our blog article.

Coconut has many uses, most apparent in food production, a hype that has also hit the Western European markets. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a delicious Thai coconut curry? Surprisingly though, coconut has far more enormous potential than you would initially expect. There’s a revolution underway in the construction industry, and it’s all thanks to coconuts! Read more about the fantastic structural properties of coconut.

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