Cotton Beach Plaid Pastel


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Handwoven Beach Blanket PhaKhaoMah – Cotton Beach Plaid Pastel

Everyone loves a bit of fresh air! So, pack your picnic basket with all your favorite foods and our Cotton Beach Plaid Pastel. Let’s go outside! Measuring 180*70 cm, it’s perfect for a picnic, a sauna visit, or a day at the beach. These handmade cotton beach plaids are colorfast and easy to wash, making them ideal for daily use.

Please don’t mistake the fabric of this Cotton Beach Cloth for ordinary terry cloth. This product is of unrivaled quality! Handwoven textiles have a fibrous tensile strength far higher than machine-woven materials, resulting in increased durability. Because of these products’ handmade nature, small individual differences may occur, adding to their charm.

Outdoor Living!

People across the Asian region use this piece of cloth for a myriad of applications. Use it as protection against the sun, a bathing towel, or a traditional wrap-around dress for the sauna or the beach. It can also keep you warm when the weather gets chilly, wrap food or other items, and even serve as a pillow for a quick nap at the park. Why don’t you try one out? Let us know in which innovative ways you’re using this PhaKhaoMah blanket!

We purchase this Cotton Beach Plaid Pastel directly from a village coop store. As most artisan weavers only produce a few handmade pieces simultaneously, they use this outlet to promote sales and market visibility. On top of this, the co-op ensures the artisans receive a regular and fair income for their craftsmanship.

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The History of PhaKhaoMah

No piece of cloth is more uniquely related to Thailand than the PhaKhaoMah wrap cloth. This word finds its origin in a love story between Thai and Persian royalty. Waistcloths gifted to the Thai court was called “kamarband.” You might recognize this word from several languages, and for example, in the English noun cummerbund.

This cotton beach towel is standard across the entirety of Southeast Asia. Yet, several regions within individual countries and areas know unique pattern designs. These variations reflect their weaving prowess and ancestry, often displaying color combinations relating to their ethnic identity, much like the Scottish Kilt! Please have a look at this online Tartan Pattern Book.

And if you thought that these fabrics are old-fashioned, well, you’re wrong! Take a look at this Thai Designers’ Pha Khao Ma Dress award-winning design! This Cotton Beach Plaid Pastel is the most versatile piece of fabric you’ll ever own! We’ve got several colors and seasonal collections available. You can browse all of them right here: Cotton Picnic Blanket Spring, Cotton Picnic Blanket Summer, Cotton Picnic Blanket Pastel, Cotton Beach Plaid Summer.

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1868 Aquablauw, 1870 Oranje, 1876 Blauw Wit Roze, 1880 Roze Tartan


Blue, Orange, Pink