Blue Tiffin Lunch Boxes


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3 Layered Blue Tiffin Carrier – Bowl Shaped Model with Plates

With a diameter of 14 cm and three layers – separated by handy little plates – our blue tiffin lunch boxes are super practical! They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, suited to your specific needs. We’ve got several models available, which you can check out in our Outdoor Living Collection.

These blue bento boxes are BPA-free and completely food safe. Traditional enamelware is cast on a base of aluminum. The glass-like porcelain enamel covers and adheres to the metal through firing, just like ceramics would.

Tiffin, Bento, Pinto… what’s in a name?

Call it a tiffin lunch box, bento, or pinto. These are just a few names describing the same product; a carrier box for your food made from durable materials. These small vessels are compact, robust, easy to carry and clean, compartmented, and reusable.

Tiffin carriers are perfect holders for takeaway food items and snacks. Increasingly more restaurants and food delivery businesses are now including a tiffin option in their menus. If you provide your own container or allow them to deliver in a tiffin box, you’ll even get a discount. For example, a Denver restaurant is offering reusable tiffin boxes for takeaway orders.

Sustainability and Waste Products

As a sustainability movement washes over our planet, the focus lies on reducing single-use plastics and other non-recyclable waste products. Modern society often blindly strives towards innovation, forgetting the solutions it already encountered in the past. If you want to know more about this amazing product, kindly go and read Enamel Glassware – Sustainable Applications Abound.

A frantic search for alternatives has given rise to quite a few brilliantly inspired novel ideas. Yet, the tiffin box solution has been available for decades. Though admittedly gone out of fashion, these blue tiffin lunch boxes are now once again hailed as the answer to increasing piles of undesired packing materials.

Metiisto Fashion will be at the front of reintroducing the tiffin box into your daily lives. Anything for a better planet! In light of our efforts to reduce waste, we’d like to draw your attention to our handmade cotton carry bags.

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