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Artisan Pink Raw Silk Scarf from Northern Thailand

Measuring 170 by 40 cm, this raw silk scarf pink has the perfect insulation properties. That’s why our Lanna silk scarves are suitable for all seasons while remaining an elegant garment that’s light and comfortable to wear.

Luxurious is the first word that comes to mind when we think of our raw silk scarves. They are handwoven from leftover silk, upcycled to create this pink silk neckwear. We offer you the best of both worlds, a luxurious product that’s sustainably sourced at an affordable price. Please don’t fall for the dumping price of “real silk scarves” on the internet. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We understand people are sometimes hesitant to buy silk scarves, as they believe caring for them is too difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth! Please take a look at our easy silk care instructions on Metiisto Fashion’s FAQ page.

We’ve got more colors available than just pink! Please also check out our golden, green, blue, red, and multicolored raw silk scarves. All represented scarves are photographed to represent their true colors. Minimal differences may occur in individual products based on photography limitations and your computer monitor or phone screen graphic settings.

Silk Weaving

The tradition of weaving silk dates back centuries and is prevalent across Thailand, with different regions, each offering its unique style. Take a look at a few exquisite examples of artisan silk neckwear from the Esarn region, both in green, blue, and natural gold!

Mrs. Sukanya’s company has been at the forefront of silk production in Northern Thailand for a few decades. She doesn’t just produce standard silk weaves but has also found alternative ways to reduce silk residue.

Silk is one of the most delicate yet strong threads on the planet. Usually, only half of the total production is considered good enough to be turned into woven cloth. The leftovers are normally discarded. However, this lady’s innovative spirit found a use for this leftover silk through a unique hand treatment process.

These silk scarves are handwoven by subsistence farmers. Often, just a few looms are spread around homes in the community. Here, people gather whenever demand for their woven silk products arises. Through this sense of community, crossing the generational gap, a stable transfer of knowledge occurs, from master artisan to apprentice.

Silk as Material

Silk is obtained from the cocoons of the silk moth. Bombyx mori is a species of butterfly cultivated specifically for this purpose. They are highly guarded and raised on an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves. Once the caterpillars are ready to pupate and transform into a moth, the harvest begins.

Soaking in water unravels the cocoons, after which the farmers turn them into yarn. One silk pupa can contain a thread as long as 2km!!! Yet, traditional weaving only uses the inner kilometer when crafting the finest quality silks. The leftover outer silk is normally discarded or used as a stuffing for pillows. Sukanya, however, puts it to good use through weaving these raw silk scarves by hand.

A single yarn of silk comprises several strands of the silk cocoon, twined together to obtain the desired thickness. The fabric’s texture is related to the yarn’s thickness and the number of threads used during weaving.

Our gamma of artisan silk scarves is so varied, softly glistening and bright with contrasting colors or matching pastels; you’re bound to find one that suits you perfectly. This raw silk scarf pink is the ideal gift! The perfect necktie for your man’s formal attire. By buying one of our artisan silk neckwear, you’re helping small weavers in Northern Thailand to support their families.

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