Yellow Cotton Scarf Spring

Handwoven cotton scarf in varying shades of yellow.

Measures 160×55 cm and with a light texture, it won’t weigh you down.

Perfect for cool springtime days or Belgian summer evenings.


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Handwoven Light Cotton Scarf – Yellow Cotton Scarf Spring

Typically, we think of scarves as autumnal and winter items. But you and I both know that the Belgian weather has many surprises up its sleeves. This Yellow Cotton Scarf Spring is wonderfully open in texture yet keeps you warm when needed the most. Therefore, it is ideal for cool spring days and late summer evenings.

A bit of extra protection against the cold or rugged wind is necessary most of the year. To take this Artisan Cotton Scarf with you will prove to be a good idea more often than not. Measuring 160 x 55 cm, this Handwoven Cotton Scarf Spring comes in a vast array of colors; we have one to suit every outfit!

Of course, we also have scarves available from other artisan suppliers. Kindly look at this Handwoven Cotton Scarf OTOP or these Silk Scarves Gold Raw Natural Silk. I myself also keep this Cotton Scarf Indigo on hand at all times if it gets extra cold.

The Properties and Future of Cotton Weaving

Cotton fiber is perfectly suitable for producing clothing, shoes, and our Yellow Cotton Scarf Spring. Due to the unique fiber structure, cotton scarves breathe better and are more comfortable than oil-based synthetic neckwear. Thermoregulation – the proper conduction of heat – ensures that your body stays cool in summer and warm in winter. Cotton is also non-allergenic. This aspect can be important for people with sensitive skin! If you’d like to know more, please read this article about the uses of cotton.

Artisan cotton weaving is declining worldwide. The vast majority of mills have now fully automated their process. Not so with our artisan producer! Khun Thai perfectly marries traditional craftsmanship with innovation. So, you’ll purchase a durable Artisan Cotton Scarf with superior tensile strength and a natural feel, unrivaled in quality by any machine-woven fabric.

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Meet our Artisan Friend – Khun Thai

Khun Thai was involved with the family business from an early age. It was only recently that the family embraced the international market. Coupling growing demand with artisan quality assurance isn’t always that easy. Yet, through her decade-long experience, she’s managed to do just that! Now, it’s her turn to pass on the torch to her daughter and grandchildren.

Innovation and creativity lie at the source of her success. Khun Thai also fashions Clothing for Women, like this Cotton Poncho Blouse and Cotton Poncho Jacket. And all this is crafted by hand from her modest basic product, the Handwoven Cotton Scarf.

During our last encounter, she told us the following: “My granddaughter is very intrigued by the entire process of weaving and coloring, so I’m positive for the future of our craft. I’ve already set money aside to send her to textile design studios abroad.” Now, that’s how you secure a future for the artisan traditions; by investing in youth! You support her craftsmanship’s continuation and sustainable modernization when you purchase a Yellow Cotton Scarf Spring from Metiisto Fashion. Try one out for yourself and enjoy the warmth this Handwoven Cotton Scarf has to offer! Are you looking to complete your cotton-inspired look? Then kindly go and discover our Cotton Handbag Gerard.

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0788 Geel en Groen, 1910 Geel en Blauw, 1943 Oranje Geel


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