Cotton Scarf Indigo Striped Pattern


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Artisanal Cloth born from Tradition – Indigo Blue Cotton Scarves

This luscious cotton scarf indigo striped – in dark and light blue – measure 180x33cm. The use of natural cotton will ensure this artisan indigo neckwear keeps you warm wherever you go. By adding 2% of rayon, they are soft to the touch and will drape voluptuously around your shoulders.

Tuck yourself in when heading outside; it’ll benefit your health. Metiisto Fashion guarantees this blue cotton scarf won’t just wrap your shoulders but also envelop your heart. You’re bound to fall in love, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Indigo Dyeing – The Process

Without becoming too technical, we’d like to give you a little insight into the production of indigo blue. The dye is initially obtained by fermenting the plant’s leaves in water. This process converts the chemical component indican – naturally present in the plant – to the blue dye indigotin. The leftover solids from this container are collected and dried for later use, for example, on this cotton scarf indigo striped pattern.

Indigo dye binds itself to the fabric fibers on a molecular level. By exposing the threads to the air, the pigment oxidizes, transforming it to show its magical blue hues. The coloration intensity is defined by the number of times you dye the fabric, allowing the artisans to play around with color intensity, visible with this artisan neckwear from Thailand.

Indigo is primarily used in the production of denim for your jeans. Several plants contain indigo, but low concentrations of the active components often make the color unstable, resulting in unsatisfying blue colors. The use of other natural pigments however, can lead to very beautiful results, as you can see with these scarves from the same collection.

Natural pigments are generally softer in hues and are susceptible to natural fading over time. However, our indigo blue cotton scarves will always retain their intrinsic beauty, aided by the organic cotton used, ideally suited for absorbing these natural colors. If you’d like some more information on dyeing fabrics with all-natural materials, take a look at this website.

Sustainable Trade Principles in Action

One aspect of Thai culture that fills our hearts with joy at Metiisto Fashion is the importance of preserving traditional knowledge, crafts, and wisdom. The Thai government truly understands the intrinsic cultural value these traditions carry with them. Let this be a lesson to our western cultures, not to set aside the old ways, but to preserve and adapt; and grow from there to newer forms of cultural expression.

Metiisto Fashion always reinvests a share of our profits directly into the artisan communities. That’s why your purchase of this handmade cotton scarf – and other artisan fashion accessories obtained from reliable and durable sources is extremely valued by us. You are directly supporting the continuation of their craft while also helping to improve their living conditions. But all these efforts are about more than just preservation; they are also about education being a central part of sustainable development.

Below is a little sample video of dyeing cotton threads with indigo. Please pay close attention to the yarn as it slides out of the glove and you will see the magic happen!

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