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Teaching the New Generation with Cotton Scarves Indigo Coffee Natural Pigment Torboon

Khun Boon – the lady artisan behind Metiisto Fashion’s well-known Torboon Bags and Accessories line – frequently receives requests to teach her skills. Because people see her as somewhat of a local specialist, smaller weaving cooperatives and charity based employment programs love to learn from her. While she can’t agree to every single demand, it is hard for her kind-hearted nature to say no. That’s how our Cotton Scarves Indigo Coffee Natural Pigment Torboon came to be.

These luscious scarves in dark indigo blue and coffee brown measure approximately 50x190cm. Their tight weave makes them the ideal cold-weather scarf, while ample size allows for complete coverage of your neck and shoulders. Tuck yourself in when heading outside, it’ll benefit your health too and prolong your outdoor stay in a comfortable way. Not only will they wrap around your shoulders, but their exquisite texture is also guaranteed to pack your heart. You’re bound to fall in love, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

When a rural development program in Chiang Rai province – aiming to preserve traditional wisdom – came to ask for her assistance, she gladly took up this teaching opportunity. Each cotton scarf reflects a unique style, inherent to the individual student’s hand. As personal as this neckwear is, what they all have in common, though, is the use of Thai organic cotton and natural pigments. As they originate from a one-time student project, there is no more stock available. So, you’ll be getting a truly unique product. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Cultural Preservation and Promulgating Traditional Know-How

One of the aspects of Thai culture that fills our hearts with joy at Metiisto Fashion is their perseverance when it comes to preserving traditional knowledge, crafts, and wisdom. I would even dare say that they are at the forefront of this type of preservation worldwide.

The development of know-how in different sectors stems from their surroundings. In days gone by, countryside living wasn’t comfortable. There was no electricity or running water, hospitals, or other modern commodities available in most rural areas. As urban development set in, most of the basic needs are now present, though people hold on to their old ways, driven by pride and government incentives. Thai people see value in traditional methods, covering many aspects of their daily lives, from food over artisanship to medicine.

The artisanal products that feature in our online shop are another prime example of this. Thai traditional massages and herbal medicine are world-renowned. And last but not least, Thai cuisine pleases most every palate globally, with the old recipes passed on through generations.

But it is more than just preservation; it’s also about advancement. Today’s scientific research facilities often incorporate ancient knowledge into their contemporary developments. Thailand hosts a variety of beneficial herbal medicines and dietary recommendations, solving a vast array of health issues. One of the most significant events was the discovery of herbal mixtures preventing and healing hemorrhoids.

Let this be a lesson to our western cultures, not to set aside the old ways, but to preserve, adapt, and grow because of them.

Would you like to read more in this article about cultural preservation in Thailand?

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