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Handmade by Boon: Artisanal Pumps Torboon

These artisanal pumps Torboon from handwoven cotton are super stylish. Combining a lush fabric with fine quality leather and wood, they come in 4 patterns and 2 sizes. Boon at Torboon uses only homespun textiles. The cotton threads are dyed by hand, allowing for the incorporation of traditional patterns into contemporary designs. Her fabrics are then combined with local tropical hardwoods and high-quality leather. This results in a luxurious yet affordable line of models suited to match your daily fashion choices perfectly. Torboon offers a range of durable fashion accessories, from handbags over wallets to shoes.

The Story of Mrs. Boon and her artisan fashion accessories

The designing of handbags and other sustainable fashion accessories, such as these artisanal pumps Torboon, is actually Boon’s second career. Before all this, she was a successful designer in one of Bangkok’s most renowned fashion houses. She felt that the national market products started to become more standardized and dull, knowing deep down that she could do a better job.

At that time, her work limited her creative freedom, so she decided to quit her well-paid job. Flying to Milan and Firenze was her next step, learning the basics of this authentic craft. After 2 years of hard apprenticeship, she returned to Thailand, settling in the provincial capital of Chiang Mai, away from the bustling streets of Bangkok, to be able to focus on her artistry, creating artisan fashion accessories.

There are times when you need to treat yourself to something special and unique. Are you constantly looking for a stylish accessory to go with your outfit, a timeless fashion piece that will accompany you for years to come? Can’t afford any of that, you say? Think again! Torboon’s accessories are ideally suited for special occasions, but can equally be used on a day to day basis due to their functional design. Also, don’t forget to accessorize further, perhaps with one of our silk scarves?

Working Ethics and Sustainability

Every item is produced sustainably, as they work with respect for local customs and traditions. You will find both men and women on the work floor, making Torboon an equal right and inclusivity-respecting employer. Everyone works side by side in the various steps, from spinning over weaving to dying, creating these pieces of artisan craftsmanship.

Even though Torboon follows the fashion trends to a certain extent, the primary goal has always been to create durable products. With function over design firmly in mind, producing bags that stand the test of time, both when it comes to quality and trends. New colors and fabric designs are decided upon only twice a year and added to the existing collection.

Torboon Chiang Mai; a unique story of craftsmanship, culture, and texture.

In 2012 Khun Boon launched her first line of sustainably produced accessories, such as designer bags, belts, hats, and shoes under Hand by Boon’s name. She used her own handwoven cotton textiles to craft her products at her small atelier in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In the past few years, this project has slowly grown into an internationally renowned designer brand. In 2016 the company received its first major award from the Thai government. This “Green Label Certificate” was handed out by the Ministry of Natural Resources. More recognition and multiple international awards have since followed.

Since 2015, these durable fashion accessories are being marketed under the name Torboon. The name Torboon is wordplay because the word “tor” in Thai has a double meaning. It can either be translated as “to weave,” or as “to pass something on to someone,” with Boon being the founder and creator’s nickname. Khun Boon takes the transfer of knowledge very seriously, so the name is appropriately chosen. If you love shoes as much as we do, you might want to have a look at the virtual shoe museum.

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