Recreation Shoes Akha Tribal Pattern


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Walk with a Smile: Cotton Recreation Shoes Akha Pattern from Thailand

Our recreation shoes Akha tribal pattern from durable cotton and rubber soles are finished with jute trim and laces. Metiisto Fashion fell in love with this tribal footwear out of Northern Thailand. Here, ethnic minorities such as the Akha are prevalent in daily life. These groups are, therefore, also of great significance to the artisanal cottage industry.

This ethnic footwear will soon become your favorite pair of shoes! They range in sizes from Size 39 to 41. If you need a smaller or larger size, you can contact us here for more information.

Making Quality Shoes is an Artform

Our Thai artisan friend was a traditional leather shoemaker before, so he knows his craft. After falling in love with a beautiful Akha lady, he got the brilliant idea of incorporating all their gorgeous fabrics into his trade. Hence, our cotton recreation shoes collection was born from equal parts of love and skill.

Recreation footwear must be light yet durable and have breathing qualities to guarantee maximal foot health. They are washable as well, so perfect for inside and outside recreational use. Take your favorite pair to the beach, on a picnic, a nature walk, anywhere you want.

Cotton has natural properties that make it more durable when wet, so don’t be worried about the fabric rotting or tearing; just let them dry naturally after a day out, and they’ll be good as new. The rubber sole prevents slipping and protects your feet from rough surfaces.

A Word on Cultural Appropriation

Many different ethnic weaving patterns carry a symbolic meaning that signifies the tribal background and ancestry of the weavers. The artisan couple fabricating this footwear has close connections to the hill tribe people of Northern Thailand.

Because of this, we can take the utmost care to avoid any form of cultural appropriation. Full disclosure and open communication towards the tribespeople are essential, as certain motifs are traditionally reserved for specific ritual uses. Such sensibilities towards other cultures are also part of sustainable development practices.

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