Silk Scarves Ikat Peacock Blue and Red


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Silk Scarves Ikat Peacock Blue and Red: Handwoven Luxury from Surin

Our Silk Scarves Ikat Peacock Blue and Red measure approximately 190×95 cm. Handwoven and colored with the most exquisite prints through the ikat process. While this is a delicate fabric, you shouldn’t be afraid to handle it or wash it. You can find detailed, step by step, care instructions on our FAQ page!

People obtain silk from the cocoons of the silk moth. Bombyx mori is a species of butterfly cultivated explicitly for this purpose. They are highly guarded and raised on an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves. Once the caterpillars are ready to pupate and transform into a moth, the harvest takes place.

Soaking in water dissolves the sticky saliva the larvae use as glue to spin their cocoons. After this, they can be unraveled and turned into yarn. One silk pupa can contain a thread as long as 2km!!! Yet, only the center part kilometer of yarn usually is used for weaving the finest of quality silks.

The ikat technique consists of resist dyeing, painstakingly applied by hand to every strand with a bamboo skewer. Small bundles of silk are tied off with yarn or plant fibers, to prevent colors used on the surrounding area from penetrating. In this way, a pattern comes to the foreground on the warp. Once the weavers establish this design, the weft is woven in to complete the process. The results are delicate and stunning, with a light asymmetry testimony to the handmade nature of this product.

Surin Province: The home of silk crafts!

Surin province, in the Northeast of Thailand, is part of the region commonly referred to as Esarn or Isaan. Some of the most beautiful silk weaving comes from this locale. So when we discovered the Sisumangkala family and their crafts, we were blown away by their know-how and products.

These artisans have been weaving for several generations. Their youngest son Noi now spearheads all efforts to bring the limited production to a select audience. Though convincing his mother and her friends to enter the social media era wasn’t always easy, he said.

Help us support the continuation of this craft by treating yourself to some luxury. Noi and his mother are at the forefront of their village weaving cooperative. We’d like to see them have a future beyond the next few years, as industrialization takes firmer ground every day. Your purchase will help to provide continued efforts to pass on their skillset to the younger generations.

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