Baby Shoes Hmong – Handcrafted Cuteness Overload

Cross Stitch Pattern Baby Slippers – Baby Shoes Hmong Sustainable handwork is what we stand for at Metiisto Fashion. These baby shoes Hmong are made from cotton with a cross-stitch pattern design. Reflecting Nepalese influences at times, the stitched pattern is either Hmong or Karen descent, with Burmese style influences due to the craftsmen involved…

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Coconut Shell Jewelry – Bring the Tropics Home

Khun Umpai – Upcycling and Coconut Shell Jewelry One of our most inspired artisans is Khun Umpai. She designs coconut shell jewelry through the upcycling of food waste. Her enterprise started at home, where much of the production still takes place today. Working in a very personal style, she only uses natural materials. Besides coconut…

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Jade Jewelry Bracelets - Green Gold from Myanmar

Burmese Jade Jewelry – Green Gold from Myanmar

Bracelets and Pendants – Burmese Jade Jewelry A treasure trove, that’s what it feels like when you first walk into a jade factory. Displays range from mythical dragons and lion ornaments to Buddhist imagery. Also, other Burmese Jade Jewelry and magnificent mountain sceneries are available. Jade is expensive, with many colors and grades catching top…

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Picnic and Sauna Blankets – PhaKhaoMa

Thai Versatility from Heaven – PhaKhaoMa Picnic and Sauna Blankets Allow us to tell you a little story about our collection of picnic and sauna blankets – ” PhaKhaoMa .” No piece of cloth is more uniquely related to Thailand than the “PhaKhao Ma” wrap cloth. The fabric and its name originate from a love…

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Torboon Fashion Accessories Thailand

Torboon Fashion Accessories: From Humble Beginnings, an Empire Will Grow! Pride! We feel very honored at Metiisto Fashion to represent the Torboon Accessories! . Boontavee Charoenpoonsiri, in shorts, Khun Boon, launched the first line of sustainably produced designer bags, belts, hats, and shoes in 2012 – under the name ‘Hand by Boon.’ She used her…

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plagiarism or divine inspiration blog post picture

Plagiarism or Divine Inspiration: a story of copycats

Imitation isn’t an art form! Plagiarism or divine inspiration? Charles Caleb Colton said that “Imitation is the most form of flattery” in his book “Lacon, or Many Things in Few Words: Addressed to those who think” back in 1824. So which is it? Plagiarism or divine inspiration? Among artists of all feathers, be they writers,…

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Water Hyacinth Shopping Bag XL on model

Water Hyacinth Information Article

Water Hyacinth Information Article: Beauty got out of hand! In this water hyacinth information article, we will tell you more about this water plant that has spread across our planet. It often thrives in aquatic environments with high nutrition. Here, they are actively filtering impurities from the water. Their large biomass also prevents evaporation through…

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Happy Floral Tote Bags from Chiang Mai

Flowers and Bags: A collection of happy floral tote bags not to be missed! Our collection of happy floral tote bags fills us with joy! One of the first contacts we made in Thailand was Ms. Sukanya, who runs a silk and cotton hand-weaving factory in San Kamphaeng, just outside of Chiang Mai. She soon…

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Waxcord Knotted Jewelry in Thailand example Red beaded pendant

Wax Cord Knotted Jewelry from Thailand

Wax Cord Knotted Jewelry from Thailand- Handmade Treasures from Chiang Mai. Waxed cord fancy ornamentals find their origins in the UK. More precisely in the apparel and workmen’s clothing factories of the mid-20th century. Its versatile applications soon became very popular. So, a wide range of industries started using this material. And we see them…

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fysieke winkels Metiisto in Europa Metiisto Founder Nancy Allewerelt

Physical Shops Metiisto in Europe and Fair Trade

Physical Shops Metiisto in Europe – We’re going international As we’ve grown through from “De Gouden Eik Boutique” to “Metiisto Fashion” online shop, our retail venue in Lochristi is now only open by appointment. We are, however working on setting up a network of distributors and physical shops Metiisto in Europe, where our products will…

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