Torboon Fashion Accessories: From Humble Beginnings, an Empire Will Grow!

Pride! We feel very honored at Metiisto Fashion to represent the Torboon Fashion Accessories!

Profile picture of Khun Boon, designer of the Torboon brand or handbags
Designer Khun Boon; the Torboon brand


Boontavee Charoenpoonsiri, in shorts, Khun Boon, launched the first line of sustainably produced designer bags, belts, hats, and shoes in 2012 – under the name ‘Hand by Boon.’ She used her handwoven cotton textiles to craft her products at her small studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since 2015, these durable bags and fashion accessories are on the market under the name Torboon.

In the past few years, this project has slowly grown into a nationally renowned designer brand. In 2016 the company received its first major award from the Thai government. It was the “Green Label Certificate” handed out by the Ministry of Natural Resources. More recognition and multiple international awards for the Torboon Fashion Accessories have since followed. Persistence has culminated in the participation and consistent victory at the “Vogue Thailand: Who’s on Next 2019” contest.


Vogue Thailand

Vogue Thailand has been at the forefront of innovation recently. They are tapping into the affluence of local artisans available nationwide. Highlighting undiscovered talents and providing them a launching pad to international exposure.

Out of hundreds of contestants, Boon and her collection of Torboon Fashion Accessories made it to the live televised top 10, culminating in her recent victory. All obtained prize money has been re-invested in the purchase of traditional Italian looms, and a new retail location in Chiang Mai.

Items from the collection she divined during the contest are currently available at Metiisto Fashion, as well as some unique handbags available nowhere else! You can expect excellence in texture and feel as in quality and innovative design! If you’d like to know more, or see the bags, don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.



Photoshoot sneak preview of the collection at Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand.
Photoshoot sneak preview of the collection at Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand.

Torboon Fashion Accessories Chiang Mai – Craftsmanship, Culture, and Texture. 

Torboon uses only homespun textiles. All cotton threads are dyed by hand, allowing for the incorporation of traditional patterns into contemporary designs. The obtained cotton fabrics are combined with local tropical hardwood and high-quality leather, resulting in a luxurious line of models. Every item is produced sustainably, as they work with respect for local customs and traditions.

Designing handbags, handmade designer wallets Davos, Artisan Pumps, and related fashion items are Boon’s second career. Before all this, she was a successful designer in one of Bangkok’s most renowned fashion houses. She felt that the products on the national market started to become more and more standardized, and dull, knowing deep down, she could do a better job.

At that time, her work limited her creative freedom, so she decided to quit her well-paid job. Flying to Milan and Firenze was her next step, learning the basics of this authentic craft. After two years of apprenticeship, she returned to Thailand. Settling in the provincial capital of Chiang Mai, away from the bustling streets of Bangkok, she was able to entirely focus on her Torboon Fashion Accessories.

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