Trade Shows and Events

Trade Shows and Events

Metiisto Fashion loves reaching out to our community, by making our products available through several trade shows and events throughout the year. Follow this page for a historical overview of this year’s activities.

Events 2021

– Volgens de meest recente Covid richtlijnen –

Vooreerst nog even ter herinnering, we zijn 24/7 bereikbaar
via de webwinkel.

Zoek je iets specifiek of een andere maat? Laat ons snel iets weten dan zien we wat we voor jou kunnen voor elkaar krijgen. Je kan wekelijks onze verhalen ook volgen op onze facebookpagina of op de instagram feed.

Countryside Lifestyle 2021 in Ghent

De Lifestyle Beurs van het najaar! Met kerstdorp voor het ideale geschenk.

2-5 december 2021

Alle info om er tickets te bestellen en te registreren vind je hier.

Countryside Lifestyle









It’s really worth visiting us at trade shows and events. Do drop by.

The products are amazing, and we’ve come to find that no amount of excellent photography can really capture the look and feel of wearing it yourself.

If you’d love to find out more about us and what we do, don’t hesitate to read our article on Why Metiisto Fashion – We Love Handmade Fashion Accessories.

Want to see what we’ve got on offer? Head on over to our online shop, for a complete overview of our handmade fashion items collections.


We were actually just dropping in with no intention of buying anything. Just curious. But we are astonished about the diversity of products. And the quality is just amazing. Impossible to resist, I bought two scarves, a pair of earrings and I really have my mind set on that one purse in bamboo.