Wax Cord Knotted Jewelry from Thailand- Handmade Treasures from Chiang Mai.

Waxed cord fancy ornamentals find their origins in the UK. More precisely in the apparel and workmen’s clothing factories of the mid-20th century. Its versatile applications soon became very popular. So, a wide range of industries started using this material. And we see them featured today in the wax cord knotted jewelry in Thailand. But how do they make waxed cotton cord? Well, originally the cotton material was soaked in bee’s wax or paraffin. Nowadays, chemical versions of this process have taken over the market.

Inevitably, it also found its way into the fashion industry. Designer names adopted the material into their collections. From there, it trickled down into the arts and crafts world. Hence, it enabled small artisans to expand their creative designs.

Northern Thailand produces some of the most exquisite crafts in the world. You can see a strong ethnic influence in the area. Patterns from the Hmong and Shan ethnic groups are all around. Decorative items such as bracelets, earrings, and hangers can be found in many locations.

A story of inspiration, flattery, and copycats

Ethnic Hmong jewelry is an up and coming style in Asia, readily bought by all tourists visiting Thailand. Copying this style has been tried by many producers worldwide. But, due to the immense creativity of these artisans copying has proven hard. Even the biggest city fashion lovers and trendsetters can’t keep up with all this variety.

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