Why Metiisto?

As is the case with an increasing amount of the population, Nancy got really tired of paying good money for clothes and accessories of inferior quality. With cheaper prices, inevitably comes a lack of durability. I bet if you’d make the calculation on the long term, the cheaper clothing you’re buying now is more expensive than if you would’ve invested those funds in something of higher quality.

Furthermore, everyone knows these cheap goods are made with a lack of integrity, where the actual producers don’t get a fair share of the profits and often work for ridiculous wages in substandard conditions. This can and simply must change!

Metiisto Fashion and Accessories guarantees durable collections sourced from small craftsmen worldwide. In this way, we can assure that both the artisans and our end of the line clients get a fair deal. We’re kind of like ‘a mother ship’ for handmade products, an international and online sales platform with quality goods, produced by authentic and artisanal producers.

Through her travels Nancy has always been looking for inspiring stories, to befriend local artisans, and find the environmentally friendly and durable materials that are the foundation of all handmade products. Her travels also sharpened the realization that long lasting and durable changes in the fashion industry are possible! As long as we all support them of course.

Metiisto Fashion has set out to purchase small collections and even fully pre-finance some of them. By doing this, we give a chance to often very small artisans, but also the new kids on the block, to practice their craft; often in doing so changing the livelihood of not only them but their entire community.

Read our Stories page on this website to discover more inspiring stories. And follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be very regularly updating content there, both informational as well as introducing our latest collections.

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